Oliver Fenix

March 29th, 2010

March 29th, 2010
5:30am- Jolted out of bed by what felt like a kick to the gut! (Great way to start the day!)
5:45am- I guess my water broke, but I was peeing anyway, so I didn’t really realize! – After 2 more contractions went by in such a short time I started timing. Two and a half minutes? Huh!
– Wash face, curl lashes, apply mascara.
– Wait……two and a half minutes…..really?
6:00am- Wake up B & calmly explain the situation. The conversation goes as follows.
– “We have to go to the hospital.” I say.
“What? I have to go to school!” says, clearly still sleeping, B!!!
“OMG! Go take a shower! I’m calling triage!” I chuckle!
-I continue timing.
6:30am- Triage chick (believing that I am exaggerating) suggests that I relax in a nice bath, or long shower!
-I choose to ignore these suggestions, and start gathering my things!
7:50am- After fighting traffic, we arrive in triage and are taken into a room to be assessed.
– Nurse is super surprised that my contractions really are that close together.
– 4cm dilated! She sends me to the birthing room!
8:30am- B and Nurse Jennifer decide that I need an epidural. (aka. they need an epidural!)
9:30am- Feeling much groovier, and no longer hyper-ventilating! – “8cm already!” Super nice nurse Jennifer proclaims. “Let’s try pushing!” (let’s= hahaha!)
9:45am- We stop pushing because the babies heart rate keeps dropping:(
– Nurse Jennifer puts B in charge of the epidural button, because I refuse to push it in an effort to tough it out!
11:30am- After waiting FOREVER for the senior resident (who had to be there because of the heart rate debacle) we finally get to push!
* There is nothing worse than not being allowed to push!
** Hmmm……B has been very helpful, he held my leg and everything! My mom on the other hand is holding a wet cloth against my head and ruining my hair!!! (Love you Mommy!)
11:45am- Everyone agrees that forceps are the best option. The baby is not happy with the pushing, and he needs to come out fast! (Faster!)
– B is very encouraging! He feels confident in the knowledge he retained from our class. That’s good!
– I want to go home!
12:10pm- Deep breath
123456789 10
123456789 10
123456789 10
– Deep breath
123456789 10
123456789 Teheheheheheheeeeeeeen!
12:35pm- Oliver Fenix Lazecky
– 6lbs 3oz
– umbilical cord has now been removed from his neck (it was wrapped around TWICE!)
– B is tearing up, Mom is getting in everyones way because she is so excited, I don’t feel like I have to pee for the first time in months!
– I get to hold my little monster for the first time! He’s so tiny, and perfect, and blue. Hmmmm……the blue probably isn’t great!
– O and B go to the NICU together to check his circulation and warm him up. (Stupid umbilical cord!)
– I get stitches. They feel AWESOME!
– Multiple texts are sent!

That was the craziest morning of my life! Crazy, stressful, painful, amazing! And 2 days later I got to come home with the cutest thing I have ever seen! So worth it!