Holiday Madness And The New Year!

The holiday madness is over (including two baking days, multiple shopping days, and a whirlwind three day weekend at my sister-in-laws) and the new year has begun. As every year I made lists and schedules. Spent hours planning out exactly how this month would go. The working out, the going back to work, the eating healthy. Ollie’s new sleep schedule, my new sleep schedule, Barry’s new day to day! Big, new, shiny, plans, all lined up in a perfect little row DOMINO’D right down by this horrible cold! Seven days in and I have already missed two out of my first three days of work, I have not worked out, I have barely eaten let alone eaten healthy, I’ve barely slept, and Ollie has slept with us all week for the most part. I can’t wait for this cold to be over, so that I can restart my new year! So, to those that haven’t had a chance to start there new year, I say Happy Belated New Year to you, and I hope to join the rest of you in the next few days!