Back To Work!

What a horrifically horrid start to the new year! Due to bigger plans and the scheme of things I returned to work at the beginning of the year. After ten glorious months of playing, laughing, learning, loving, changing, washing, laundering, and snuggling, I left my precious baby with his daddy and returned to soul crushing work. I will say this though, knowing that for at least these first few months O is at home with his own father, really helped to ease my mind.

Some women relish the day that they return to the grind. For them, work is fun, even a release. Some women, no matter how very much they love their amazing children, feel more balanced and sane with a little work mixed into their lives. I am not one of those women! I am only back at work as a means to an end! A story for another day;)

The first day was the absolute worst! I cried the whole way to work, and spent the whole day texting B. What are you doing? What is he doing? What did he eat? How was his nap? Send me a photo of him! I am now realizing that I may have come off as a crazy person! But it was sooooo hard! It did get easier with time, but like I said before, knowing that he’s at home with B helps. I’m not sure that I would feel the same if I had left him with a sitter.

I’m getting back into the swing of things now, and balancing the work/real life madness. (although, it took me three days to get through the laundry, instead of one!) I will be sure to let you know how it all pans out!