It takes two to make a thing go right!

Or at least I hope so! The rumbly in my tumbly is in full bloom now. I had my first ultrasound today and it was just as exciting as the first time I saw O! He/she was moving the whole time. So tiny and so squirmy!

Two babies is a daunting thought, but also exciting! We will definitely have our hands full. Organization will be our greatest ally in the next few years, so I’m getting my trusty pen and notebook out to start making some lists! Rubbermaid containers and labels are at the very top of that list. We have a basement full of disorganized boxes just waiting for our future move, and they could really use some love! I can’t wait until we are fully organized! It’s going to feel amazing.

We are almost at 14 weeks now and I’m counting the days until 20! I need to know if it’s a girl (fingers crossed) or a boy. I need to shop, I need to organize, I need to know! Some people think that waiting until the birth makes it a surprise. I think that because you can’t choose it’s a surprise no matter what, and I won’t be stuck with a bassinet load of ugly yellow stuff! (note: I mostly hate yellow) It’s all so exciting!

I always wanted babies close together, to grow up together, to have memorable adventures and experiences together. Plus I will have a rockin’ bod by my 30th birthday! Its going to be an exciting next few years!