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Easiest Baby Ever!

I have the easiest baby ever! Yes, he is lactose intolerant, no he is not sleep trained, yes he stays up until 11 every night, but he is the easiest baby of all time!

Yesterday was B’s birthday, so we ordered pizza and ate some junk! I ate pizza with one hand and held out O’s spoon with the other and he just cruised by and took bites as he wanted, and snacked on some fruit at his table when he wanted! Some people may cringe at what may seem like unorganized chaos, but everyone was happy, and relaxed, and we all had fun lazing around as a family!

Today is my day off, and after working at 5:30am for the last few days, I really wanted to stay in bed. O was on board! We got up to eat some breakfast, and then we played in bed for an hour and a half! He climbed all over the place, we played under the covers, he took all the socks out of the sock drawer! It was great!

People get too caught up in what they think they are supposed to do. I just want a happy , healthy family, and sometimes that involves dropping the rules, and having a little fun!

My son smiles easily and laughs constantly. It’s a good life!

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