Happy Homeschool, The Buttons

35 Weeks

The count down to baby number 2 has officially begun. I am very round, and very uncomfortable. It is nearly impossible to get any sleep, and it’s getting harder to walk. Worth it? YES!!! In a few weeks (hopefully sooner than later) we will have a brand new baby girl:) So tiny, and snuggly, with that great baby smell, and those giant eyes! I’m so excited.

People have asked me if O is excited to be a big brother. The answer is “NO!”. He has no idea:) I think it will take a few weeks before he even starts to realize that she lives with us and isn’t leaving! I do think he will be a good big brother though. He’s very good at sharing, and he’s all about hugs and kisses these days. On the flip side, I can’t convince him to stop using his ‘crazy hands’ to tickle the cat! So we will see how that goes!

Hopefully a speedy delivery is in my, very near, future! I will keep you all posted:)

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