Evalyn James

So I was probably in labour all day? It was so different this time around. With O I felt fine, I went to bed, and then BAM! Kick to the gut at 5:30am, and we were off! Seven hours later (less if there hadn’t been complications) and we had a baby boy. This time was different.

7am: Feeling tired. Nothing new there, I am very round:(

12pm: Feeling kind of sick actually. I think I’m just going to lie down on the couch. I hope O is ready for an “Arthur” marathon:)

3pm: B calls from work. I ask him to come home early. If anything, I’d really like to give O a bath and clean up a little. (I make myself get up, and wash the Monster! He loves the bath:)

4:15pm: Ok, I can feel the contractions now, but they don’t really hurt? I think i will count now, just to see where we’re at.

4:30pm: 3 minutes or less? Wait!…..What? I call triage. They think I should just come in and get checked, but they still think I have time.

6:30pm: After getting ready, getting O ready for a possible sleep-over, and waiting for Aunty Angie to come pick him up, we are off to the hospital. Oh yeah, now the contractions feel closer to what I remember:( Urrrrg!

6:45pm: Oh hey Triage! Nice to see you again! (Except I didn’t say that! I said “Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg, Can-breath-dice-breath, aaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggg!”

7:05pm: Evalyn James Lazecky, 6 pounds, 9 ounces. No time, no epidural, no biggie!

No epidural turned out to be a blessing. I tried to avoid it the first time around, but I was hyperventilating and in the end I was happy just to catch my breath. Plus I didn’t over do it, so it wasn’t so bad. This time around there was no time to fool around with such luxuries! And the perks have been great! Not only did I feel way better afterwards (no drowsiness, no leg numbness), but I also got to leave the hospital after 24 hours instead of 48! Sleeping in your own bed is so much better! The other, and much bigger perk, is that you learn something about yourself. You learn that you CAN do it. You feel like you are being ripped in half, and like you want to give up, and like you would do anything for a chance to breath, but you power through! And you feel a little proud of that:)

So now I have a baby girl, and she is absolutely perfect. I am so excited for our family adventures to come. Our unit is complete, so let the fun begin:D

xxo C