Babies Being Babies

Ever since O has started drinking out of a sippy cup, we have stopped giving him bottles during the day. He used to get one at nap time, but no longer, and he still gets one at bedtime. Since his sister came along he has been dying to get his hands on hers! How do you explain to a 1.5 year old that she gets warm comforting boobies and bottles all day, and he gets plain old food?

Well, this morning I made him his very own bottle. Warm and comforting, and all his! When I walked into the room with two he glanced at them, but (saddened) went on playing. Then I said his name and put my hand out. You have never seen a kid so stoked about a beverage:) He was so excited and smiling, he climbed up on the couch, curled up, and tucked in!

So today’s lesson is: Once in a while, even Big Boys just want to be Babies:)