My Twenties

What happened to my twenties? Why didn’t I ever feel like I was really in them? Articles always elude to the lives of the twenty-something, but I never felt like it applied. Where was I when everyone was being young, wearing neon, and partying it up? Why did I always feel like I was too old to take part? I don’t know. Life, circumstance, shyness, hermit nature.

What I do know, is that I have a pretty cool husband, two beautiful babies, and a handful of good friends. I am turning 29 on saturday and that freaks me out.

Who do I want to be at 30? And more importantly, how do I get there. Healthy, fit, honest, a great mother, an awesome wife, a writer, a really good friend, an appreciator of music, a baker, an artist, a designer, a teacher, a chef, an animal rights activist, an environmentalist, a person who sticks up for herself, a person who puts her foot down, a person who does.

This is my year to build. This is my year.