2nd annual Monster Mash

Top Five Things I Love About Two Year Old OllieMonster
1. Lover of pasta (although he didn’t digest tomato sauce very well, until recently)
2. Mad about cars! (Anything with wheels will do.) He hands me the Cars DVD at least twice a day.)
3. Loves crafts and craft supplies, just like me. (Will spend 30 minutes taking all my pens and markers out, and piling them up on the floor.)
4. Crazy about shoes. No joke, he LOVES shoes. (He’s constantly stomping around in his rain boots or my flip flops. He used to put them on his hands when he was still crawling!)
5. Sits quietly and “reads”. (Sometimes he just sits on the floor with a stack of books and points at the words as he rambles along! IT’S SOOOO CUTE!)

There are so many amazing things that I love about my son. He’s such a little character! This next year will be full of milestones and adventures, and I can’t wait. The time has gone so fast, but I have not taken it for granted. Loving every moment, even the frustratingly loud ones!