Yeah, I Stole Your Couscous! (What are you gonna do about it?)

Stolen Couscous!!!
Ollie is really picky about the texture of food. He liked things blended right down when he was tiny, and will still eat baby oatmeal over real oatmeal any day. He was very on time with his progression of smaller to bigger foods. He took his time, and tested things out. If there was even a chance of his choking or gagging, he refused to be a part of it. Don’t get me wrong though, he does like a lot of flavours. Like, he loves broccoli, but only started eating it whole, last week.

On the flip, EVA WILL EAT ANYTHING!!! She’s the complete opposite. It’s not like we didn’t offer Ollie bigger fare to see what he would do, but this baby is nuts! She steals all of his food! She wants to eat everything in sight! She loves putting those two tiny teeth to work. She doesn’t seem to have any allergies, which is good because she is a tiny crook. (and Ollie loves to share!/food, not cars;)

I find it so amazing how different two babies can be. They are completely different personalities, and it’s only going to get better with time. I love watching them grow and change.