I always loved Easter when I was a kid. We would wake up to find a basket at the end of our beds, eggs hidden under our pillows and in our blankets! The search would start right from the get go! This was when we would get our skipping ropes, sidewalk chalk, and bubbles. Gearing up for the sunshine ahead. I always made sure that my little brother got an equal share of the loot! (I am a really great big sister:) We almost always spent the afternoon with my moms friend Doreen’s family. Mary-Lynn is my moms god-daughter. We played outside all day, soaking up the new warmth, after months of cold and snow.

Eva's First Easter

Now that I have babies of my own I plan on keeping some of those traditions. They are still pretty small now, but when they are older, it will be awesome! This year we went to Toronto, and spent the weekend at my brother-in-laws. Carl and Pam were wonderful. They set up a hunt for the kids, and took us downtown on the trolley. O and his cousins were pretty excited! (Less so, once we were on and he realized it was just a bus with different wheels;)


B was super stoked to hit up the CN Tower. He had been before, but I hadn’t. He was pretty excited for someone so chicken! Once we got up there he was all worried about leaning against the railing (it’s closed in!) and he didn’t even bother standing on the glass floor! I will admit though, I thought I would just walk out on there, but even I hesitated a little. It’s like your brain knows better. You stick your foot out, and for just a second your brain’s need to protect you, over-rides everything. It was weird, but I stepped that foot down anyway. Because I’m no sissy!

Pointing out all the cars:)

We ain't scared!

Mommy & Ollie on the glass floor!

I’m not the biggest fan of Toronto. They are only the capital of Ontario and we are the capital of the WHOLE country, but they still get all the best stuff! The best fashion week, the best bands. No fair! I will say this though, they are much more artsy. As you walk around, you can see it in the streets, in people’s yards, and windows. Even the hobo’s are more creatively dressed than here. On the flip, Ottawa is much more polished. Our downtown is much shinier. So I guess the point is, that I liked Toronto more than I thought I would, because I have a built up bias. (I have been to Toronto before, but never as a grown up woman, and only for Caribana!)

A windy family shot from the CN Tower:)

So it was a fun weekend, and a great holiday. I look forward to next years adventures to come:)

p.s. Thank you to Pam & Carl for hosting us! We had a great time:)

Don't let that smile fool you, he is scuured!