We Watch ‘Cars’ Every Day

Playing with Mater before bed! (Rainboots? You don't know! It could rain in his room;)

O wakes up. It’s 6:45am. “Would you like some milk?” I say, doing the sign for milk with my right hand. O is still groggy. His balance is off as he wonders into the play area. In his tiny, cube shaped hands he grips his cup in the left, and Lightning McQueen in the right. I expect him to hand me his cup, as this is his custom. He LOVES milk (lactose-fee)! Instead he looks up at me with those giant blue/green eyes, and hands me McQueen. “Cars pwease?” He states, not asks, rubbing his belly as the sign for please. After I take the car, he says “Thank You!” and walks over to the couch. HOW DO YOU SAY NO TO THAT???

And that is just one example of why we have watched Disney/Pixar’s Cars/Cars2 every single day for the last two weeks! On the upside, it is a really good movie, and I am excellent at selective hearing! What can I say? My children are Petrol Heads! When the Top Gear theme song starts, they both turn instinctively toward whatever screen it’s on. They will watch B play Forza (on xbox) for many minutes (which is a long time on the baby clock!) They are addicted to wheels!

I thought having a baby girl would be, somehow, girlier, but it’s not! She wants to do whatever O wants to do, and all O wants to do is car related!



p.s We are currently onto Cars2. It’s 10am!