Cottage Life

I’m back babydolls! If anyone noticed my absence all last week, I was chillin’ at the cottage!

B’s grandfather built the main house himself, and his parents, and Aunt and Uncle both keep caravan’s on the property. Not only is it great to get away from the city for a bit, cell/internet reception free. It’s nice to have a place that holds so many memories for B. Something he can share with our babies. I also love, that his cousins and their kids are always there in the summer! O loves them. He doesn’t understand their games yet, but he loves to chase them around, and pretend to be a big kid;)

Overall we had a great time. The first few days were colder than we expected, so some unfortunate layering outfits were put together. The black flies were starting pick up, but we managed to come away relatively  bite free. I got attacked the most, but O got the most bites. He just doesn’t care! He’s so happy to be outside, running free:) This was Eva’s first real visit. She’s been up for day trips, but not a proper stay. She LOVED it! She was filthy almost every day;) She also licked ALL of the chalk:|

It was a really good trip, but I am happy to be home. I love nature, but I am a city girl! (I don’ t have the kind of hair that can be reasonable in that kind of nature)

Summer is here and I am excited!