Summer Lovin’

I love summer SO much. It’s not as good as Autumn, but it’s pretty close. And that is why I have been more or less MIA for that last few weeks. Sorry guys!

This city is soo brutal in the winter. And the winter is loooong! So when the warm weather finally fights it’s way through the blanket of snow, chill-to-the-bone wind, and layer upon layer, of slush I am so grateful! I want to go outside everyday! The babies and I have been taking full advantage of our tiny backyard. Playing, hanging laundry on the line, inviting friends over to play in the baby pool! Lovin’ it! We’ve gone on so many epic family walks already this summer.

I would also like to say that I LOATH air conditioning. We have central air, and I refuse to turn it on, unless it’s detrimental to the babies humid! I’d rather open the windows wide, turn on a fan, and enjoy the heat. I don’t crank the heat all winter, just to freeze myself out all summer! I hate that gross air conditioner air. It’s like living on an airplane! YUK! We have homemade popsicles, ice water, a bathtub with cool water, we are just fine:)

I hope everyone is enjoying their summers! Remember kids, we have way more winter than summer, so don’t take it for granted:)