She laughs so easily. Moves so quickly. She wants to go go go, all of the time! She can walk and run and climb. She can clap and sign “more”. She can say Mama, and Dada and knows which is which. She can babble, and yell, and giggle, and throw her hands up! She is stubborn and relentless. Tireless in the goals she sets for herself (even if it’s barreling through mommy to get to the pens/markers drawer!). She loves playing/jumping on her brother. Stealing his cars and running for it, chasing the cat and lying on top of him. She adores animals, Pooh Bear, Top Gear, and The Lorax. She is bright, and funny, and smart, and beautiful.

My baby is officially a toddler. One whole year old, and already so full of curiosity, intelligence, and warmth. I can only dream of the person she will be, and appreciate every moment I am lucky enough to spend with who she is now.