Found her like this after 1 minute of silence in the other room!

It’s official! We have TWO toddlers! I knew this day would come, and now it’s here. They are insane. Sometimes I think that O has completely lost his mind! Don’t get me wrong, they are extremely funny, and lovable, but they are also insane!

Some days I am convinced that E is trying to hurt herself! She’s so stubborn. If she wants to get somewhere she doesn’t let trivial things like head injury stand in her way. She just barrels through. She’s like a football player, without a helmet! Her tantrums are tiny and loud. They don’t involve crying, just frustrated yelling, and smacking her hands down on whatever is around! (*cringing at the thought of teenage E) O on the other hand has officially entered the “terrible” phase of two! His tantrums are verging on ridiculous. I try not to laugh though;) They aren’t long, but they are noisy, and frustrating for everyone involved (him included). He knows many words, but refuses to use them. He gets frustrated that we don’t know what he wants, or that we know, but won’t let him. This is the cause of almost all of his breakdowns. The rest are because he’s tired, but LOATHES sleeping! (*shakes fist at ceiling)

They are already so caring to each other. I mean, sometimes they steal each others stuff, and smack each other in the head, but the rest of the time they are so loving. When E is hurt and cries, O always has her back (even if it’s his fault). If she falls he tries to help her up. If she cries he pats her head and says “baby no” with his saddest face! (SO CUTE!) She’s always hugging him and giving him things to play with. So sweet. And if one cries, the other one whines in solidarity. They are already so empathetic, a trait I can only hope to keep tucked inside of them for the rest of their lives.

Minus the 2 for 1 tantrums, O & E are super fun! They love to dance, and sing, and run, and climb. They are always on the move, getting into something. I worry though, that their team work is already a little too good;) I am truly suspicious every time it’s quiet! Their reach keeps extending, as well. Soon everything we own will be piled on the top of our shelves. For now, I am resigned to putting toddler friendly things on the bottom, which really translates to me picking up and refolding the cloth diapers, accessories, and blankets every single night! (Choose your battles right?)

Toddlers teething at the same time isn’t great. They are both troopers for sure, but some days are bad and I feel so sorry for them. They are just drool soaked, fever riddled, mopey-heads. Most days, though they are pretty tough. Although, Eva has eaten all the spines off of the board books, so now they are with the dvd’s she ate on the top of the shelf! She also ate my brand new phone cover. O didn’t want to be left out either. To let me know that his last one and half molars are working their way out, he made sure to eat the “Today” ruler from my planner, and the stand for the iPad! SAVAGES!

Although two toddlers is quite the handful, I love them to pieces. They are so crazy and so funny all of the time! I love my little family:)



p.s. Two toddlers has not stopped my brain from going back into baby mode! Nooooooooo! We are in no position for a number three, but don’t think I haven’t come up with multiple, hypothetical, scenarios where we do (in the future) have another. B does not want to hear these scenarios;)

Trying to organize the junk from my desk bowl. Obviously!