I Got Know How

I may not be Young MC, but I do have (at least a little) Know How! I am bad at math. Really bad. I can’t play concert piano. I’m not terribly good at public speaking. I’m not a mechanic. I CAN however do a lot of other things, and I am going to share those things with my children. The older they get the more I can and want to share my knowledge with them. To teach them the things I know and share my passion with them. I don’t want them to grow up and only do the things they are told to do. I want them to experience as much as I can give, and discover their own passions and talents.

Playing Dress Up on Mommy's dress form!
Playing Dress Up on Mommy’s dress form!












O is turning 3! Up until now he has been able to colour with crayons, and then markers. Pencils and then pens. Yesterday he graduated to water colours! He can make a pretty decent O;) He’s used stamps, and chalk. Stirred, kneaded, and scooped various ingredients. He pressed the buttons on the microwave. This morning he helped vacuum the living room. Last week he (extremely supervised) wielded his first pair of scissors! One day we spent 15 minutes looking at modern art on the MOMA app. Today we played dress  up on a dress form.

Making playdough!
Making playdough!












Everyday they learn new skills, and open up more room to learn. I may not be good at math, but I can design and sew a dress form scratch. I can paint, and draw, and write. I can use more tools in our toolbox than B can;) I want my kids to experience. Pure and simple, and I want to be there with them when I can.

Daddy Lego Time!
Daddy Lego Time!












So to all you mommy’s and daddy’s out there. You can do it! Share what you have with your kids. It will teach them so much more then you can imagine. So much more then “waiting” for school to teach it to them from a book, or not at all. We all have something worth sharing.

E "crocheting" a mean granny square!
E “crocheting” a mean granny square!














P.S. I realize that some of you have to work, and I am in the same boat. I work 40+ hours a week, at a mostly thankless job. I work weird hours, that don’t allow for much of a consistent schedule. My husband works around my schedule so he can be home with the kids. But when it comes down to it we use our quality time wisely, and have as many adventures as we can on our days off. It’s not always easy, but it’s well worth the effort:)