The 3rd Annual Monster Mash

OllieMonster Age 3
OllieMonster Age 3












My baby turned 3! Everyday my son changes. Growing and stretching in every way. Taller and braver, and smarter and louder. I can’t believe how fast 3 years can go by. Every day he learns new things.

O started off very active. He liked to babble but wasn’t that interested in actual words. Mama, Dada, a hand full of baby signs. Moving though, that was his game! Crawling, standing, climbing climbing climbing, running, jumping! That was his focus and he didn’t have much room (or care) for much else. Then came Pixar’s Cars. “Cars” was his speaking catalyst. Although for awhile that is all he said or talked about! “Bababa cars?” “A cars?” Car sound effects quickly followed. So then he was a running, jumping, petrolhead with a car permanently glued to his hand.

The last few months however have revealed a whole new O. A running, jumping, climbing, blabbermouth! What started as “Pie, cake, 8, GO!” Has quickly become “1, 2, 3, GO!” and “Ready, Set, Go”!”. “A cars?” has become “Mommy, where cars?” or “Daddy, where McQueen?”. Lately there are moments when we are stunned by the things that he says, or asks. As he slowly grasps pluralization and grammar. As he begins to understand numbers as more than just words he can repeat, and recognizes people and objects by name. There were moments when, I admit, I was worried that his vocabulary was too far behind. Days when I became frustrated when faced with a stack of flash cards that he didn’t seem to grasp. Moments when I had to remind myself that he is good at so many other things, and that he would master language when he was good and ready. Well look out world, ’cause this kids a talkin’ and there is no sign of stoppin’! Go ahead, ask him a Cars name! Raoul, Miguel, McQueen, Finn, Doc, Flo, Ramon, Mac, Holly! He’s getting them down one by one!

O amazes me every single day. He makes me laugh all of the time. And sometimes, without realizing it he influences the things we do and the way we speak! (I swear to you, we called milk, MALK for months!) Every day he becomes more of a character, and he’s shaping up to be (one of) my very favourite books!

My favourite Ollieisms:

Nemo – A Momo

Milk – (until a few weeks ago) Malk

Banana – Nana / Bananas – Nanies (What? I have no idea where he came up with that pluralization, but it’s awesome!)

“No baby! Go away” I know we shouldn’t laugh at this,but come on! Plus she is a complete trouble maker!

Cheese Fatayer – Pie

Sweet Pies – Cake (Don’t bother trying to convince him otherwise;)

Water – A wa wa

Song he wrote while playing with the rockband guitar: “2, 3, go! 2, 3, go! A rock! (insert hilarious guitar face) A rock! (Sweet air kicks) A dance, a dance!”

Favourite Things: Pixar’s Cars, regular cars, trucks, planes, dinosaurs, races, avocados, bbq sauce, shoes, using cookie cutters on play dough, mixing the bowl, “reading” books himself.

Does Not Care For: Pants, spaghetti squash, mitts (impedes his ability to hold more than one car), Eva touching the car he’s playing with, people not listening to and responding to his requests IMMEDIATELY! (Toddlers are not the most patient of creatures!)

" A rock!!!"
” A rock!!!”