The Sweet Taste Of Literature

I love books. The musky smell of an old classic. The texture of the paper. The weight of a hearty read in my hands.

E loves to bite. Chew. Destroy.

I’m guessing quite of few of you toddler-wranglers are sitting on a stack of mangled board books, not wanting to throw them away. I can barely stand to throw out a good book, no matter how dilapidated. So here is a quick and easy fix for the more save-able books.

What you need:

Heavy Card Stock (I always keep the scraps form various crafts and projects)


Packing Tape & Glue


Here is E’s handy work!


For the most part all I did was measure the length of the books and tape on new spines. A few had to have little bits taped in to cover bites, or inside pages tapes back to the other one because she bent them the wrong way. In the end we lost a few, but saved most. Win!


The finished product! If you want to take the time you could write the titles on the card stock before taping, or print them out and then tape them on, but I kept it pretty simple.

Does anyone else have any easy fixes for toddler destroyed items? Feel free to share in the comments or on the Facebook Page:)