Walking & Talking

Our life can be chaotic. It’s currently not where we want it to be. Every day we are working towards our goals. Home time is mostly busy. On the days when we are caught up on chores, and errands, and work, and bath times, we get a chance to snuggle in and watch a movie. Inevitably, one of us falls asleep! (It’s totally me guys!) For now, we make it work. It will be worth it in the long run. But it doesn’t leave a lot of room for talking. B and I used to talk all the time! We were young, had endless time and only the responsibility of ourselves. We’d walk for hours. All over downtown. To the farmers markets. To the really good Subway, or the better bakery.

We walked and we talked.

That is what I love best about the walks we’ve been on lately. We have great bike path and trails in our city and we live along the Greenbelt. We walk for our health, to get outside, and for the monsters to stretch their legs and imaginations. But the part I like best is the talking. Talking about our life, our future, our family. Talking about anything that isn’t a chore or list, or instruction.

Get outside. Have adventures. Walk. Talk.