Rustling Leaves & Pumpkin Pie


Autumn is in full swing people! Pumpkins, the rustling of crunchy leaves, billowing scarves, and heavy sweaters. This is my favourite time of year!

Everything feels so earthy and mystical at this time. The dark months are coming, and you have to prepare for your survival. Okay, maybe not so much in these times, but the feeling is still there. The need to roast squash, build casseroles, prepare the heartiest soups. To make, your young, warm clothes. The night creeps into the day, leaving behind a lingering for a warm throw and a cup of tea. If I had a stone fireplace I would never leave its glow. I would curl up in a pile of blankets and spend my days crocheting and daydreaming.

Well, I don’t have a wicked fireplace (preferably in an old stone farmhouse in Scotland, obvi) but I do have a comfy sweater, a crochet hook, and a bin full of yarn! Let the season of crocheting and sewing projects begin! The crocheting projects for my own (soon to be) 3 are done, now I’m moving on to holiday gifts. Next weekends Thanksgiving plans are extremely tentative, as we can’t know if B will be able to come home from Basic for the weekend, but even if we keep it low key with just me and The Brat Pack it will be a great weekend. Delicious food, Halloween movies, and fun crafts!  And then I have our last ultrasound and Halloween to look forward to! It’s going to be a great season!

Enjoy it while it lasts. Winter is coming!

Snuggle your loved ones close everyone!