Updates and The Waiting Game

Basketball belly! (75% baby/25% mashed potatoes;)

The Waiting Game is officially on, and I am already losing patience! Pre-labour is progressing, but i am tired. With E I didn’t feel this “all-day body hangover” until the day she was born. That day I was couch ridden. O and I had an Arthur marathon, and then she was born in the afternoon. Not this time. It’s been like 4 straight days! I just feel…ugh! I’m not looking forward to the pain, or not having B here with me, but I can’t wait to meet this little girl (and to have my body back!).

Play trees! These would be great for taking to relatives houses as an activity:)

Christmas for us, so far, has only been a soft launch. We are waiting until B is home for vacation to do up the tree and hang the stockings. I don’t want him to miss it. It’s good that the kids are still young enough to not realize that we’re waiting. They’ll just be happy when we do it. I did however get a bunch of felt crafts done! (We’ve also watched Elf like 5 times, and eaten loads of cookies;)

Baby friendly ornaments for the bottom branches. (Because let’s not pretend like babies care that you said no!)
Toddler Trees. This is a bigger tree you hang on the wall, and then they can decorate it with their felt ornaments. This one has been a hit so far! (Except trying to convince E that she has to leave it hung up, and not run up and down the hall with it!)
A brand new haircut for O! (He was starting to look like Hey! Arnold. Something had to be done!)

B graduated from Basic! Wahoo! I am so proud of him. We’ve talked about taking this step for a long time, and I am happy to see him succeeding. This job will bring many changes, adventures, and advantages to our family, and I am looking forward to the journey. Unfortunately he was sent to his new base less than 48 hours after graduating, so we only got to see him for a bit before he was sent off to the other side of the province. He’ll be home for Christmas vacation though, so I’m happy about that. Again, The Waiting Game.

B & (a very tried/cranky) E after his graduation parade. He hates this fancy dress Air Force uniform, but I think it’s fun! Check that hat!

So here we are. Waiting. Hopefully my next post will be all about the newest edition to our family, and soon:)

As always, thanks for stopping by!