Chaos In The Kitchen: Sweet Vegan Tattie Scones

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! That being said, we are not Irish. I can’t really justify celebrating all things Irish, when we are not. It seems odd to me. I realize that in Ireland, they celebrate St. Patrick and his good deeds. They celebrate by going to mass though, not getting blind-drunk on green whiskey! My family, however, (just like St. Patrick/the man himself) is Scottish. So I’ve decided that our activity theme for this week will be Scotland! The Brat Pack is still very young, so we’ll be sticking to the basics, but I do look forward to getting more into it when they’re older.

Today’s morning activity was making our first ever batch of Tattie Scones! They are a traditional part of Full Scottish Breakfast, but this recipe isn’t that traditional;)

Ready to go!
Ready to go!

2c mashed potatoes & apples (1 apple/2 medium potatoes)

1 tbs. butter (whatever kind you use. we use vegan)

1tbs. oil (again, whatever you like. we used olive)

1tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2c whole wheat flour

O was in charge of cinnamon.
O was in charge of cinnamon. Like my Mammy, we like to free pour ingredients!

Combine the ingredients into a dough. (Heads up though, it NEVER stopped being sticky! I added way more flour, but it was still pretty sticky, so I think maybe it’s supposed to be. Please correct me if I’m wrong!) Form your dough into a ball and then gently roll it out. It should be a little less than a cm thick.

Due to the stickyness we used waxed paper to roll it out.
Due to the sticky dough we used waxed paper to roll it out.
O felt that he needed to "check" things off as we went!
O felt that he needed to “check” things off as we went!
Baking time!
Baking time!

375° for 20 minutes (until golden brown) When it’s done, you can slice it into triangles. I use a pizza cutter!

Turned out delicious!
Turned out delicious!

We kept it a little lighter than a Full Scottish Breakfast, and went with some fruit, yogurt, and veggie links! 

Have a great St.Patrick’s Day everyone!