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Growth Spurts

Why do kids do so much growing all at once? They can seem the same for a long stretch, and then, out of nowhere, they are a completely different person. I’m always wanting them to grow, and learn, and then when they do I want it to slow down. Did I savour them enough? Did I enjoy them enough in each phase? I certainly try to, but sometimes it feels like their baby days have slipped out from under me. Sneaked out while my back was turned, if only for a second. I never take them for granted, and am always trying to enjoy these moment as I know they won’t last, but I still miss those moments when they are gone. All I can do is look forward to the next phase.

This cheeseball!
This cheeseball!

O is now 4. Like, really 4 though. 4 going on 14 that is! Talking back, fighting, stomping his foot, and sleeping in level 14! What the h? On the (much better) flip side he’s also busting out sentences I’ve never heard, grasping the rules and instructions of games, and coming up with hilarious stories that actually have a beginning, middle, and end. He’s taller too (if that’s possible) and is visibly tightening up his motor skills. He laughs at the craziest stuff (like the loading bar on an app I was putting on *their iPad last night;), and he’s starting to think he’s pretty funny in his own right. The be fair though, the kid’s got jokes;)

Always dancing!
Always dancing!

E has taken a leap in her vocabulary. She’s always been a chatty-cathy, but in the last few weeks alone, she’s really boosted her word output, and more so her sentences. Yesterday she said “I want to go outside (she says outside with a funny accent that makes me laugh OUTSOOYED) and ride on my bike!” WHAT? HOW? I swear she just learned how to say ‘bike’ last month! She has to be the biggest Diva the world has ever known! She’s all sass, and loudness, and the boss of everything. Basically she’s Beyonce, right down to the thighs of steel, and lack of pants! Who runs the world? This kid! My daughter is truly my inspiration. Having her in my life has changed how I feel about myself, and the person/mother/woman I want her to see in me. I NEVER liked my legs and now I want nothing more than to get my body back in shape so that she learns to love hers. I loathed having curly hair, and now all I want to do is get mine back to healthy and curly so that she feels great in hers. She is my mini-me, and I will bend over backwards to keep her from having my hang-ups. I certainly couldn’t live with myself if it was me she learned that from. She makes me a better me, and I am so grateful for that. She also reminds me not to get hung up on “the show”. This is real life. Not every day is perfect. Not every photo, or craft, or outfit. But they kind of are, because they are real. She’s real.

Ugh! Too cute!
Ugh! Too cute!

Baby G! Whoa! How can she already be 5 month old? It feels like the time is going so fast, but also weirdly slow. I feel like she’s been part of our family forever. Like she’s always been here, but then I think “she’s ONLY 5 months old? Wait? SHE’S ALREADY 5 MONTHS OLD???”.That’s crazy! She’s getting bigger and smarter by the second. Recently she’s found her loud voice, got up on her hands and knees, and started laughing when her siblings do. When E get’s ‘the gigs’, G get’s right into it. She can roll all over now, and has started pushing her self back into things. I swear the other two didn’t start that early, and they both started too early! She just can’t wait to run around and get into their business! I suppose 1 hour labour/delivery was fair warning. She already has her own little personality. She likes to sleep on her tummy (the other two didn’t), she wants to be held ALL most of the time, she likes to grab (scratch) my face while she eats, and she prefers to sleep directly in my armpit! I can’t wait to see how she changes and develop’s but I’m enjoying every minute of this phase. Barring any “surprises” she is our last. It’s bitter sweet packing up the things she’s grown out of, but I don’t feel the ache I did when I packed them up after E grew out of them. At that time, I really felt conflicted. I didn’t ‘want’ to give anything away. I couldn’t stop thinking “what if?”, but this time is different. It feels okay. I’m looking forward to this next phase of parenthood. Plus I still have quite a few baby/toddler years left before I really start to miss it.

It’s a rainy day here. Both girls are sleeping, and O is testing out his new scooter in the living room. I have to say, it’s really nice to type with both hands, instead of one hand clutching to a nursing infant. I can even drink my tea with reckless abandon! 



*yes, they have their own iPad (to share) but only because they basically took over my old one, and then when I got a new one for my birthday, I just made that one all kid apps. We’re not those parents that buy each 5 year old an iPad of their own. To each his own, but come on, right?


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