Apple Feeders

Happy Autumnal Equinox! (or Happy Mabon to those who call it so) The equinox started last night but today is the first official day of Autumn! The more I search for my own spiritual path in this world the more drawn to the earth I feel. I can’t call myself a Pagan per say, but I do feel connected to their very old world connections to the Mother Earth and it`s energy. Today we are celebrating the harvest season and all it`s bounty.

To get started, here’s an Earth friendly activity!

Apple Feeders


-Half apples and rest them (cut side down) on a napkin or towel. (That one is obviously from Subway;) This will dry the side a bit so that the PB can stick better.
-I find cutting a little bit into the apple on either side, creating a groove for the twine, helps it to stay in place better.
-Tie a fair length of twine (the more natural the better) around the apple halves. Keep in mind where you’ll be tying them to decide the length you need.
-Smear peanut butter on the open side of each Apple half.
-Dip it in your birdseed.
-Toddlers will now marvel at how the seeds have coated the peanut butter. Curb their instinct to take a bite!
-Hang from branches outside!


Sometimes babies “help”!


Autumn is here my friends! Let’s get our pumpkin on!

Our house is filling with delicious scent of roasting acorn squash. It’s going to be a great day!