Miss Marceline Grey: One Year and a Tea Party


IMG_9926Fact. Time flies when you’re having fun. This last year has been full of new. New adventures, new milestones, a new home, a new town, but biggest and bestest, a new life. A big, bright, beautiful life, called Grey!


One hour labour/delivery should have prepared me for how fast she’d be but her growth spurts still sneak up on me. How is she already one year old? How did she get so big, so fast? G is a great thinker. She analyzes and then makes her move. She moves steadily and with determination. (E is fearless. She jumps in head first without considering consequences or even the succession of steps to accomplish her goals!) G thinks it through, but doesn’t hesitate. For a one year old, she is very good at follow-through! This is why she could roll (both sides) at 3.5 months, full on crawl at 5 months, and walk around like it was nothing at 11 months. Her siblings were fast, but they posses a different kind of determination. (Perseverance and stubbornness respectively) I enjoy watching her serious thinking face and the way she turns her hands out as if to say “how do you work?”.


Watching her (O and E included) grow is the privilege of my life. This last year has been exhausting, frustrating, beautiful, and amazing, and I can’t wait to spend another year getting to know this little girl. Experiencing her journey and mine. Exploring how we intertwine.



G is the sweetest, snuggliest, mamas-girl ever, and I love her so much! My tiny pixie!