Kitchen Choas: Vegetarian Cornbread and An Old Book


When I was 13 and learning how to be a vegetarian, my access to the internet was limited to the school library computer. I realize that makes me sound very old, but I’m really not! That’s just how far technology has come in such a short period of time! In the “old” days we had to scour the shelves of the school library, book store, or Salvation Army, which is where I found this gem.

The Forget-About-Meat Cookbook by Karen Brooks. I can’t find any information about her in a quick Google search, so I can’t “link” you to the recipe that I use for cornbread. I’ll just give you this photo instead:

IMG_0302There is a lot of great staple recipes in here and an ingenious index of spices/herbs and what foods they go best with at the front. That was a great tool for a budding veggie enthusiast!

So, wherever you are Karen Brooks, thank you! Your book has been a tremendous resource for me over these last 19 years.




Sometimes I add a tsp of cinnamon for a breakfast cornbread and serve it with apple jelly.