A Long Week and the Satisfaction of Hard Work Done

Laundry. Never ending laundry. That first of the year-all visitors/house guests gone-all consuming laundry. Done. Kids scrubbed, jammied, snuggled into nice clean bedding.






Laundry. Never Ending Laundry.

So, it was a long week. The 24 hour flu cycled through each of us, making it a million hour flu! The washing machine never stopped. When everyone was done being sick, we had to re-clean every single thing that we had just finished cleaning. It’s over now, and I will say that we did (at least some) school work every day. The only day we didn’t do everything that I wanted to was the day that I was sick. That day was our Art & Music day, so I modified it to O and I doing an art project while E napped (which she doesn’t do anymore), and then the kids had a Tight Pants* mini dance party which I’m counting as Music Class! With some hard work, dedication, and a bucket of patience, we made it to Friday in good spirits. B has the weekend off, and I am looking forward to taking some time to just drink coffee and read magazines (if only for awhile).

I hope the rest of you are gearing up for a great weekend, that your new year is off to a good start, and that you are all healthy and safe.



*Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Tight Pants skit with Jennifer Lopez (in the link). The first one was with Will Ferrell, watch them both! They’re ridiculous, but it sticks in your head, and there is nothing funnier than O and E dancing around, yelling about who has the tightest pants in ALL the land!


Settling into Friday afternoon with some puzzles while BabyG takes her nap.