The January Dull

There is a phenomenon called Post Holiday Syndrome. There are multiple things at play here. Obviously getting super jacked about the holidays is the biggest culprit, but it’s also a month of pure sugar high, beautiful lights everywhere you turn, the warmth of giving/crafting/hosting. That first week of January isn’t bad either because you usually only have to ease back into work with a few days, and your usually all hopped up on smoothies and veggie juices. Your mind is filled with the daydreams of your goals fulfilled. Another week passes. You wake up one morning and boom! You’ve got a case of the grumpies! The January Dull has set in. The sky is grey more day’s than it is blue. There’s snow outside, but it’s not that good fluffy or sticky stuff. It’s that gross, hard, garbage snow. The stuff that’s been out for awhile. Has dirt on it. Has a hard ice-rain layer on top. Not that it’s warm enough to go out and build a snowman or anything, because babies do not respond well to -20.

So here are a few tips on how to fight The January Dull:

-Vitamin D (actually though! Our bodies are built for at least 15 minutes of pure, glorious, sunshine every single day! When we can’t get that, we suffer dramatically)

-If you have white twinkle lights up over the holidays, KEEP THEM UP! We have a strand of lights hanging from the mantle. It makes all the difference. When all of the sparkle and shine come down after the holidays it can feel kind of barren. Like the magic is gone. Keep a strand up somewhere nice. You’ll keep that cozy feeling alive.

-Let the sun rule your life (a little bit). If it is sunny out, take advantage! Try your best to force yourself out of your blanket cocoon and get outside. Remember what I said about the 15 minutes? Yeah, I wasn’t kidding!

-Did you know that January 27th is Family Literacy Day? What a great excuse to go shopping for new books! And an even better excuse to spend the day curled up on the couch reading with your kids! Maybe plan a trip to the library that day?

-Eat all of the citrus! All of it! The colour alone is a pick-me-up on a grey day.

-Eat loads of fruit and veg. Let’s be honest, we ate loads of sugar over the holidays. December is basically one long baking session. Our bodies are crashing now. Hard! Beef yourselves up with some super healthy food. And don’t make it fancy either, just eat an apple, a hand full of carrot sticks. Straight up. Your body deserves it!

-Drink all the water! ALL OF THE WATER! I find January to be the driest month. Everything get’s staticky. Everyone looks so pale. Lips are always on the verge of chapping. Drink water. Straight water.

-CRANK UP THE JAMS! What are your favourite summer songs? Open the window just enough to let in a bit of fresh air, and then crank those bad boys up and dance! Some of my favourites include Me & Julio by Paul Simon*, Hey Ho by The Lumineers, Dancing In The Moonlight by King Harvest, Land Of 1000 Dances by Wilson Pickett, Judy In Disguise by John Fred and his Playboy Band, Brand New Key by Melanie Safka, and a song I know will be on hard repeat here this summer Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars!

Well, I hope you are all making it through January without issue, but for those struggling, I hope some of these tips help. Chin up my friends! (Discount chocolate is just around the corner!)



*I included the link to The Royal Tenenbaums clip for Me & Julio because it’s awesome!