February Photo Challenge: And Go!

I’m not going to post everyday because that would be a bit much, but I will be sharing on Instagram and the Facebook page each day, and here on the blog once a week.

I will share today though, since it’s day one! The theme is WORK.photo challenge 002I chose our school space. Without any editing, I think this was the best one. There were a few with weird lighting and a few with “interesting” focusing. I’m thinking the fact that the table doesn’t look level at this angle isn’t a good thing, but I do like the light coming in from both windows. photo challenge 018Sometimes G helps. Outtakes!

I did manage to get this cute photo of her though.photo challenge 010

Remember to share your photo’s with me using #beadsbobblesbuttons, or throwing them up on the Facebook page. It’s no big deal if you can’t commit to the whole month. If you feel inspired only one or two days, I’d still love to see!