We have a lot of stuff. Too much stuff. Not good stuff, just random stuff. I envy these people posting about their simple, organized, clutter free homes, but I struggle to get rid of things. Obviously I don’t want to just throw things away because that’s insanely wasteful, but I really need to start breaking things down. Donating, re-purposing, and yes, recycling/throwing things out. There are these boxes in the basement that are filled with kitchen drawer junk and random junk collected on the shelves from when we moved. It’s been months, and clearly I haven’t needed any of it, but I look at it and think, what if? What if I NEED that one twist-tie for something? I have a serious problem! (I need to stop watching Hoarders, it does nothing but make me feel better about my own junk! Not being as bad as a person with cat skeleton’s in their walls isn’t actually saying much…)

My current goal is to simplify things in here by the end of December. Start the new year with a fresh new perspective. Really try to simplify my life on all fronts. Clutter being the biggest issue, followed by simpler food choices, drinking more water, and making reading part of my routine (which it used to be).

So here’s to a simpler life! Anticipate some extremely annoyed/cuss filled tweets and Insta’s about the process! Ha!