E 5.0


E turned 15 5. I’m not sure who gave her permission, but she did. She’s changing so much and so fast, every single day. Growth spurts are rolling through, sometimes overnight, that change her. Little by little, into someone new but ever the same. her little shoots are gaining length and strength, a few buds have sprung up, even a tiny leaf or two have opened. As always, it’s my job to quench her thirst and ensure she has adequate sunshine, but my privilege to watch her grow.



5 brings with it new skills, new understanding. She’s grasping new concepts. She’s devouring new materials. E loves “school work” and by that I mean she loves crafts! She even enjoys the worksheets and printing practice as long as she can go fast. She loves to go fast. She has little patience for waiting around. Not for her, slightly bigger, brother to catch up, or for her (woefully slow) parents to get ready to go. She is, however, very helpful and doesn’t mind lending a hand to get you going. E has been ready to “giv’er” since before she was born. A tiny babe, jazzercising in utero, to the noisiest/chattiest toddler I’ve ever met. She’s always had something to say and has always been on the move. She likes a fast scooter, fast feet, and a fast mouth!


E has always been her own little person and 5 has already brought more of that big personality to the surface. She is quite sassy (don’t look at me like that, I can’t control genetics!) and gets in quite the little mood when she doesn’t get her way. Sometimes I look at her and think “Who spoiled you? Who told you that you could have whatever, whenever? Me? I think not!”. She’s a sore loser and (possibly) worse winner. She’s competitive which will serve her well, but sometimes causes arguments with her siblings. She rarely stops talking. She opens her eyes in the morning with dreams on her lips and snuggles into bed with a lively retelling of the days events. She could be a beautiful story teller one day. I imagine her encircled by listeners as she regales them with Robert Munsch level enthusiasm. Or maybe she’ll play rugby for Team Canada, I wouldn’t even be surprised.


I have so many hopes and dreams for my E. I dream of her being happy, most of all. I hope she is content with her life, that she fills it with true friends and warm family. That her heart is full. I don’t know what that will look like in 20 years, in 30. Right now, all I can do is try my very best to make her feel that way. To fill her up with joy. To keep her safe, and make her smart, but let her soar even when it means she might fall. Parenting: The Never Ending Balancing Act.

So to you my E. My Tank. My daughter. Who pushes my buttons, boundaries, and patience. Who fills my heart with joy and my life with laughter. To you I promise to try my very best. To water you daily, and let the sun shine on your face. To enrich you soil. To step back when necessary, and watch you grow.

I love you hotter than the sun my love.

Happiest of Birthdays.