Goodbye Baby, Hello Threenager!


Baby G is no more. She is, officially, a Threenager. It’s been about 5 days and she’s already changing so much. Her sentences have really expanded in the last few days, and her pronunciation has sharpened. To some that may sound trivial, but most parents know how drastic that can feel. These are the years when a toddler can go through a cranky, achy, feverish growth spurt and come out the other side 100 years older! (Or so it feels.)


She still seems so small to me though. She’s always been a tiny sprite. Fairy-like, bouncing from petal to petal, riding the breeze. Maybe it’s just because O and E are beasts! G is small but she is a force to reckon with. It is the batting of her beautiful wings that starts many a tornado.


G isn’t our loudest, but she is our most animated. Ever the actress she is prone to the angriest tantrums (read: semi-hilarious rage planks) but with big emotions comes big love and big joy. Big smiles and big hugs. She loves pretend play, whether it be with toys or siblings. G is also weirdly good at pantomime. If she offers you a pretend snack from an imaginary plate, you believe it! She would be an excellent Lost Boy. Bangarang!


You know those great kid-adventure movies from our childhoods? The Goonies, Hook, The Challengers (Canadian content!), E.T, basically any movie where they get on their bikes (hockey stick on the back possibly included) and just ride off on an adventure that would make their mothers sweat? Yeah, that’s G. She’s one of those kids. She’s Mickey arm in arm with Data, skipping down the hill to the Lighthouse Lounge without a care in the world! I hope she never loses this sense of adventure. I’ll sweat it out if I have to.


G keeps me on my toes. O and E are different, but similar in many ways. G is in a league of her own. Sometimes I think she was built solely to put E in her place. She takes no shit from her big sister. E’s personality is huge. She is loud and chatty and exuberant and bossy. G is a scrapper. She will not be quieted, spoken over, ignored. She will not be taken advantage of. I love that! Although those traits sometimes drive me nuts, I know they will serve her in life and I know that they teach E some valuable lessons on sharing, kindness, and team work.

To my tiny sprite, my adventurous pixie, I wish you a lifetime of warm breezes to ride on. A plethora of adventures and good people to enjoy them with. I hope you feel loved and give love freely. I hope you keep  your fire and fight and use them appropriately. I hope you soar. I will be here (sometimes sweating) to catch you if needs be and provide you a safe place to land.

And even though you just said that “daddy is my best fwend not youse!” I love you hotter than the sun my love.

Happy Birthday