That first year. Oh man, that first year. No matter how many times you do it, it’s a whirlwind. Love, hormones, exhaustion, schedules, diapers, outfit changes, milestone after milestone, (did I mention the love?) all coming at you from every direction. Whirling, spinning, tightening, and releasing. I made a conscious effort to savour the moments. I took deep breaths. I tried not take on too much. I chose snuggles over schedules. I chose giggles over battles. I chose one day at a time, and yet here we are, a year gone by, and it felt like a second. Like a heartbeat.


This guy right here. Baby J. He’s such a little character. Dubbed (by me) The Happiest Babe In The Land, he has no shortage of smiles. He has his crusty moments (currently cutting 4 teeth!) but the smiles, the giggles, they are plentiful. He’s our little Good Time Charlie!


A year is so short a time to change so much. Every week he’s a little different. Every growth spurt matures his tiny face. A moment ago he watched, wide-eyed, from his swaying bucket seat, now he’s into everything. EVERYTHING! He’s really hitting his fresh toddler stride right now. Touching, climbing, pulling things out, pushing all of the buttons, pulling all of the strings.


I’m not one to compare my children in a ‘one vs the other’ kind of way, but I do think it’s funny to see who they act the most like. In looks? He’s O. Fairer, yes, but O in the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. His attitude though? E. E all the way! The Tank is our woo girl, but also the sassiest little sass monster you’ll ever meet. Baby J is her mini. The two of them are always running around together, screaming, dancing, and carrying on. He loves all of his big sister’s nonsense. They laugh the biggest and cry the most outrageously. You know the cry I’m talking about. That real open mouth one. The one that sounds a little like a siren, like they want to make sure you heard it, but it sometimes turns off abruptly when they get what they want. Uh-huh…


Baby J is the sweetest last babe a parent could ask for. He’s a solid snuggler, a great hugger of late. He’s just figured out the open-mouthed drool kiss which is gross to a non-parent but oh so sweet to us seasoned vets. His laugh is so pure and smile so bright it does make me feel like I’m doing okay in the Mama department. It’s inspiring really. To love life so purely. What’s that quote, something about sun shining out of your face?

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” Roald Dahl

That’s what I wish for you my sweet babe. That your thoughts are good more often than not, and that you have the strength, the magic, to fight the bad ones when they come. For they will come ever so often, such is life. I’d love to keep them from you forever but that will do you no favours. What I can do is build you up. Fill your cup. Make your life beautiful and magical for as long as I can. I don’t want you to build walls, I want you to build paths. I wish you a long life to explore them. Great friends to hike them with. Wondrous love to keep your heart, and warm hands to hold on your journey. And when you’re out in the great big world, remember my Baby J, my little, my last,

I love you hotter than the sun my love.

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Happy First Birthday