I’m Not Tolerating You

When did words stop having meaning? Or more so, when did we start changing what they mean to fit our agendas?

I hate when people preach tolerance. Tolerance? I don’t think it means what you think it does. What it means is that even if you are a good person, with a good heart, who lives a good life, I can still hate you for petty differences. Tolerance doesn’t equal Acceptance. Tolerance is the Invisibility Cloak of the bigoted.

Is it just me or does it always seem to be the most self-righteous people preaching tolerance. “Gaze upon me, atop my soapbox. Wrapped in my tolerance blanket. Look how I suffer your superficial differences to me with kindness and grace!” So, look how you smile at my face and sneer behind my back? A rose is pretty but the thorns will still cut your fucking hand open!

I’m not teaching my kids Tolerance. It implies that they are better than the person they deign to tolerate. I’m teaching them Acceptance. Do they have a good heart? Are they a good person? ACCEPT THEM! Are they a jackwad? ACCEPT THEM AND WALK AWAY! That may be a lesson for another day.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” -Maya Angelou

Accept them for who they are and choose whether or not you deserve them in your life. Are they a good person? Do they have a good heart? Everything else falls under those categories and last I heard the shade of your skin, shape of your genitals, or the other good people you love, have no bearing! That’s what my children will go into this world armed with. How about yours?