7 Days Without Coffee

Day 1: My body didn’t kick the headaches, kids live here and I wasn’t caffeinated.

Day 2: My body didn’t learn to feel energized off of good clean food, kids live here and I wasn’t caffeinated.

Day 3: I almost drop-kicked everyone in this family at least twice. Kids live here and so does my husband and I wasn’t caffeinated.

Day 4: You shut your fucking mouth.

Day 5: I’m drinking coffee right now. Eff all y’all!

In conclusion, don’t. Just don’t. I don’t care how good your PH balance is or how alkaline you should be. DO NOT DO IT! Maybe cut back if you’re drinking more coffee than plain water, but don’t get carried away!



Note: No children were harmed in the course of this week. I can’t say I didn’t punch my husband a lil’ bit. Just a little bit. No big deal…