Out Of The Cave and Into The Pool

For us, Winter is about hibernation. We go sledding and stuff but we don’t schedule a lot of activities. I’m not going to be on time. I used to be an “early” person, but my kids don’t care about that. 4 snowsuits, 4 hats, 4 scarves, 8 boots, 8 mittens, I can’t. I just can’t guarantee that we’ll make it. Plus weather. Plus we’ve almost always had a baby and/or toddler to deal with for the last 7 years. Ugh! So we make up for it the other three seasons. Spring is here and so we are diving in! (see what I did there?) Swim lessons have begun. O and E have been before but this is G’s first class. She’s been in our kids pool, but not had a class yet. Here’s the thing though, G is a Stage 5 clinger. She’s not overly shy, but she does need a minute to judge you or the situation. Last Summer she was a little braver in the water than the year before, but still a little weary. She preferred walking around in the pool or floating on a blow-up chair. She’d cling to us anytime we attempted to tilt her. So, yes, I was a little worried that she wouldn’t be having any of it once she actually got to the water. She was really excited though. I think it helped that E’s class was first and had the same instructor. That gave her a chance to make her assessments from the sidelines. Once it was her turn she was ready to go, and she did a great job.

Registration was actually a pain. They added more days (I was told excitedly) but that actually meant less choice for us. No matter how we spun it, O was going on a different afternoon than E and G, and to keep those two together (or in this case back to back) we had to choose morning classes instead of afternoon. That means I get to trek out to the pool Monday mornings, with 4 kids, while my husband is at work. Big-family problems, am I right? On the plus side, the classes are small and the pool is relatively quiet at that time.

Because homeschool is actually Anywhere-School, O was able to get some catch-up work done and wasn’t bored waiting an hour for his sisters. Win! (My husband is with him at his class as I write this!)

When it was G’s turn in the pool, E got in on the school work too! They actually got a lot done and we only had a few little things to do once we got home. Schedule flexibility is definitely a homeschooling pro for me.

I can feel Spring seeping in now. It takes awhile when you live in a place that’s still at risk of snowstorms as late as Easter! It’s been raining all day here. The earth is beginning to warm up. As it stands that scent of fresh air is still marred by the scent of melting dog shit, floating on the breeze, but I know that after a few rains and a few sprouts of green pop up, that good earthy scent will take hold. The really good smell, that makes you want to read beside an open window.

Let’s go Spring!