Seven. SEVEN? WHAAAAT? How? When? A minute ago he was turning one. Waddle walking around and climbing onto the couch. Now he’s seven. Running, jumping, parkouring off of my furniture seven!

All of the science says that 6 is a big year. Their brains go through a huge change. Who they really are starts to come through. Some books call it the first puberty. Now that I’ve experienced it, I’d say that’s accurate. O isn’t a completely different person than he was last year but he’s certainly a more multi-faceted creature. There are more layers, more moving parts. He has deeper thoughts and bigger opinions now. One of those opinions is that he doesn’t want to and doesn’t have to. ‘What?’ you ask? Depends on the day or moment! School work, going outside to play, eating ice cream! There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason and I think that throws a lot of parents for a loop, but here’s the thing: we’re all like that! There is no reason, it’s just a human thing. He’s a human, and every day he’s just trying to suss out what that entails.

O is a really good dude. He’s fun, funny, kind, and caring. He loves playing with his siblings, is an excellent helper, and adores when his cousins visit. He’s hesitant about trying new things like putting his face in the water at the pool, or washing his hair in the shower by himself, but he’s learning about bravery and how it’s not about fearlessness, it’s about thinking it through and then doing the right thing in the face of fear. He’s understanding larger concepts now and is getting better at engaging in conversations (although he is still the  master of soliloquies and monologues!).

Super Into

Minecraft: All day, everyday, always, forever. The bulk of his monologues are Minecraft related.

YouTube: Go ahead and guess what kind of YouTube videos he prefers? Yeah, Minecraft. I mean, come on!

Savoury Foods: He likes candy and cake like anybody but he’d walk away 3 bites in if he felt like it. He really likes savoury. He’s always been a broccoli guy, but recently he’s been upping his pallet game for things he didn’t care for previously like onions and veggie lasagna. He’s always been a BBQ sauce over Ketchup kind of kid.

Role Play: Acting out characters is big for him right now. It helps that G is a consummate actor and E has an excellent imagination and flare for costumes, so they can play pretend for ages. He enjoys make-believe and that fills my heart.

Lego: This kid is all about that Master Builder life! He loves putting together the kits as well as creating his own. Bricks, Batman, video games, Lego has got O covered. He loves all of it.

Becoming a parent makes you really think about what kind of life you want to lead. The kind of person you want to be. The kind of example you want to lead by. Having him, kicked off this amazing adventure. He is the driving force behind our life outside the box. Our fiery Aries, with his big personality and quick temper. With his quick tears and larger than life joy.

To you, my O, my Monster, my burning heart, I dream you’ll have a life of adventure. That you’ll remember to use safety gear while diving in with both feet (which you will do even when you’re scared.) I wish you friends that have your back and love that fills your heart. I hope you are always as empathetic as you are right now and that you never stop wearing your heart on your sleeve. I wish you the strength and perseverance to stand up for what’s right and fight for those that can’t. I hope that your life is full of magic and light and that your childhood bolsters you against the naysayers. You are a believer, a wizard, a beacon. I hope those qualities stay and grow with you. Above all else I hope you feel loved.

Because I love you hotter than the sun my love.

Call me anytime you need. Night or day. 2am. Whenever. I’ll be right here. Always.