Top 5: Easter Candy

Alright people, serious matters are at hand. How do you roll Easter candy wise? Does your Bunny dump the goods in a heap? Do your kids have to scour the house to find them? Do you have a no-candy Bunny? (gtfo, this ain’t the post for you!)

Growing up we woke to an Easter hunt around the house. Then my mom would give us Spring/Summer gear, like jax , bubbles, and skipping ropes. I like that tradition and am implementing it with my kids. By no means am I a “no-candy” mom. I love me some candy! It’s not a holiday everyday, we eats loads of vegetables on the reg.

The most important thing here is what kind of candy your Big B, leaves behind, and so without further ado

My Top 5 Best/Worst Easter Candies


1. Cadbury Creme Egg (or bust!) If you disagree I don’t even know what you’re doing with your life. (Unfortunate packaging though, very wasteful)

2. Cadbury Mini Eggs. Also, Eggies will do. Don’t be a snob, Eggies are fine.

3. Annie’s Homegrown Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks in Pink Lemonade. The only con is that they only come in individual packets which is unnecessary packaging especially because they’ll be dumped into re-usable eggs. They taste amazing though! (also, vegetarian friendly!)

4. David’s Natural Belgian Chocolate Whatever Shape-Pops. Last year they were flowers, this year bunnies. They are a Toronto based company which is amazing (raise the roof for Canadian business)  and the kids love the taste!

5. Jelly Beans. So simple, so classic, always tasty.


1. Peeps….ew! Just why?

2. “Marshmallow” Easter Eggs. Not the kind that are marshmallow with chocolate coating. No no no, the disgusting ones with the colourful candy coating with what I will never accept as marshmallow, on the inside.

3. Those plain, waxy, chocolate eggs wrapped in tinfoil. My husband likes them, guys. Like, he eats them voluntarily. W.T.F?

4. I saw Easter coloured Candy Corns…what fresh hell is this?

5. Left over Halloween Candy. Don’t even step to me with your stale-ass mini box of Smarties. Not happening!

In conclusion, we’ve already eaten a giant bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs under the table…don’t tell our kids!