Brass Tacks Milestones: Arm Control


Why is this a real milestone you may be asking? Do you even newborn bro, I may ask in return. Honestly though, if you are in the throes of dressing incredibly petite humans, you know very well by now that they are useless in this department. They do not help. It’s like trying to dress limp spaghetti and it’s infuriating. So cute, so precious, so not moving their limbs in any helpful way.

For the seasoned pros you know that there’s a perfect moment. The split second between limp noodle and wild octopus, when all of a sudden they can push their arms. They sit up a little better now. Not great, but pretty good and you put their little arm in and then POP! they push it through their own sleeve. And from the outside this seems trivial, but from the inside, trust me, it’s a real milestone! The kind that transforms your day without you even realizing it.

So keep the faith newbies, they will learn to push. And one day they’ll even stop crying when you put their head through their shirt… day.




img_3024 (640x640)