Rambling Review: The New New Age

I’ve been on a search for a cool subscription box, but I’m very picky. I wanted something that sort of fell in line with my interests, wouldn’t fill my home with junk I won’t use, and  was Canadian. You’d be surprised by how restrictive those few parameters actually are. Make-up is fun but I’m not going to use it all for a multitude of reasons, like sensitive skin, perfume allergies, in-between skin-tone, preference for natural ingredients. There would have been a lot that I wouldn’t touch and that’s wasteful. I saw one that was yoga based, but again, too many little things that I wouldn’t use. Clutter. These subscriptions don’t come cheap so I’m not throwing money away on things that will just sit in a drawer or closet. So I searched and searched. There aren’t very many Canadian based boxes, but I really wanted to keep it homegrown.  I eventually found a list that actually had the country marked (because going to every single website to see where they’re based is exhausting!) and there it was.

The New New Age

The New New Age is a naturally organic (beyond organic) herb farm and bee apiary. Their bio says that Katie and Stephen Hotchkiss took over Stephen’s family farm in Otter River Ontario back in 2014. Since then they’ve built up (and rebuilt) the farm by wielding the power of it’s natural ecosystems. I LOVE THAT!

“Inspired by the interconnectedness of human and environmental health we practise ecological farming and ethical wildcrafting inspired by permaculture and Druidry.”

Isn’t that lovely? Needless to say, that was the subscription box I wanted. If you’d rather choose your own things they also have an online shop, or if you happen to be in Port Stanley, Ontario you can swing by their general store.

Here’s what I found in my first box:

Chaga Pumpkin Spice

I mean, t’is the reason right? The kids LOVED it on their hot chocolates and I’ve been using it for baking too! (Unfortunately the banana bread was inhaled before I could snap a picture! I replaced the nutmeg I usually put in with this and it was perfect.) (find it here)



Chaga Chai Herbal Tea

The kids had a field day with “Chaga Chai” I don’t know if we’re pronouncing Chaga (mushrooms) right but they like the sound of it either way. I’m a chai fan and this one does not disappoint. I haven’t used much loose leaf (I know, heathen) so I did need to steep it longer the second time to get it as spicy as I like it. (find it here)


Slippery Elm Bark

Now I’ll be honest here, I had no idea what this was when I opened the box. My understanding is that it’s an excellent natural remedy to keep in your “medicine” cabinet. It can be ground to powder and then mixed with water for coughs, sore throats, and a whole host of digestive issues (I doubt my kids will go for that, but B and I could benefit if needs be!), or used as a poultice to clean an injury and encourage faster healing. I even saw psoriasis on the list so I’m going to look further into that.


So far I love it and I can’t wait for the next box! The surprise element is fun, although I might switch to just ordering from the online shop further down the road. We’ll see what happens!

Are you subscribed to a cool box? Let me know which one and why you like it!



Not sponsored, I just wanted to try it and share. And even if it was sponsored I’d still tell you the straight up truth ’cause that’s just how I roll!