Brass Tacks: Puke Hugs

They will vomit on you.

I’m sorry. I really am, but…it’s true. They’ll get sick. Some very little, some a lot. And when they do the only person on this planet they’ll want is you. That’s right. YOU! Because they don’t know what sick is and that makes them scared, and they just want to hug you and be held. They only want to snuggle forever.

“That’s so sweet” you just thought. I know, but here’s the brass tacks, they can’t communicate a feeling they don’t understand. That feeling is food, bile, sick, hurling up their oesophagus right towards you. You’ll panic, we all do, and try to fight them off, but they’ll hold onto your neck with the strength of a thousand orangutans. You won’t escape.

They. Will. Vomit. On. You.

You’ve been warned.