Brass Tacks: Chewed Food

Sometimes small humans like the taste of foods but they don’t trust the texture. For example, toddler sized O loved carrot sticks. He loved the flavour BUT he didn’t like how they don’t dissolve once chewed down. He considered those tiny chewed bits a choking hazard. What does anyone do when they fear chocking on something? They spit it out. This same rule applies to food they decide (after multiple chews) is actually disgusting. They’ll look into your eyes as if you betrayed them, and spit this poison directly into your hand. IN TO YOUR HAND.

Oh, I know, you’re thinking “not me, I wouldn’t let that happen to me. No child of mine will… blah blah blah,” TRUST ME, after they spit it on the floor a few times you’ll be shoving your hand out willingly. Just accept your fate and move on!

Sorry not sorry.