Barefoot Books: Summer Reading Club ’18

One of the easiest ways to help your child retain information over Summer vacation is to keep them reading. This is also the perfect time to encourage reading for pleasure because they won’t be equating it to school or homework.

One way to keep them reading without making it seem like “work” is to have a designated family reading time. I like to do Sunday morning, but you can do  what works for you. During that designated time parents should be reading too because leading by example is the best way to foster lifelong habits. Make sure there’s a variety of things to read. Picture books, early readers, comics, and even magazines! (National Geographic Kids is a hit at our house). Being exposed to a variety of reading materials actually helps develop their ability to read and enjoy different styles. Big kids might also enjoy going back and reading picture books because they’ll feel confident when it’s so easy and it’s a good way to bond with younger siblings.

A second way to encourage a love of books is to show your littles how portable they are. Throw one in your backpack, tote, or bike basket. You can take it up a tree or to the beach. On a road trip or during a lazy day in the backyard. One of my best childhood memories is climbing up into this willow tree at a family friend’s farm. Barefoot and curled up with a book, drapped in caterpillars.

Another great way to encourage Summer reading is to join a reading or book club. Barefoot Books is offering a free Summer Reading Club right now. When you sign up you have access to reading lists and fun print-outs including a place for your child to list all of the books they read, and a colouring certificate for reaching their reading goal! How fun is that?

Summer’s hot on our heels so let me share with you some of mine (and The Buttons) fave Summer friendly Barefoot Books!


The Beeman by Laurie Krebs and Valeria Cis is a sweet tale of a boy learning beekeeping from his grandfather. I personally love this book because it’s packed with valuable information about bee’s and their importance, including pages of facts after the story is done. This one is Ollie’s favourite because (and I quote) “that boy looks just like me!” because representation does matter and sometimes it is nice to see a character that looks like you, curly hair and all!


Out Of The Blue by Alison Jay is a wordless story that’s perfect for kids who’re on the cusp of reading. They can’t read yet but they can follow a story and are keen to make up their own. This beautifully illustrated story takes them on a journey that they can narrate themselves. Grey loved this one because it’s all about going to the beach!


The Boy Who Grew Flowers by Jen Wojtowics, illustrated by Steve Adams. A sweet story of two people finding commonality in world they don’t feel like they belong in. I like this one because it shows that you can love who you are and build your whole world around that instead of changing to fit in with everyone else. Eva likes it because “she’s a beautiful dancer and I love her shoes and they both have pretty flowers so that’s really cool!”. Solid review in my opinion.


Creepy Crawly Calypso by Tony Langham, illustrated by Debbie Harter, and sung by Richard Love is a fun little song book that’s perfect for getting that Summer vibe going. You know we got that Trinidadian blood so we love a good wine-up. This book comes with a cd so that you can listen to the song or watch a little sing-a-long video on your computer!




Kid’s Garden and Kid’s Kitchen are actually (large format) card decks. The Garden deck is full of activities and the Kitchen deck is full of vegetarian friendly recipes that kids can help make! I love these cards because they’re fun, bright, and the perfect size for kids to hold and read. The card decks we offer are actually my favourite thing!

Hit up the Barefoot Books Store and let me know which ones catch your eye!

Do you have a Summer Reading game plan? What are your favourite tricks for fostering their love of books? What is your child’s favourite book right now? Share in the comments!



*I am a Barefoot Books Ambassador and like everything else on my website, my opinions are my own*