Summer In Full Swing

As per usual, I’ve been slacking off. Summer started! I haven’t gotten the hang of the whole photograph/record while  living life thing yet. I’m trying, I swear. Let’s be honest though, I’m pretty busy parenting. I mean, there are so many of them…

We’ve actually been busy this Summer considering how painfully hot it’s been. We’ve had to opt for staying in a few times (like today) because the humidity was so high it was gross to breath and kids (husbands) don’t fair well in that, but overall we’re making the most of it.

I’m sure some people think “oh, you homeschool so what’s the big deal about Summer vacation”. Bruh…even I get sick of my own schedule! I want my kids to learn shit, so I put in the work and yes, there’s a freedom to it but there’s also Winter. Canadian Winter. Winter in the house, with 4 kids, 24/7, all day, everyday…trust me. I’m HERE for Summer vacation!

Here’s what we’ve been up to thus far:


B’s grandfather built a cottage up in Quebec. It’s right on the lake. B grew up going there with his family. Running around with his siblings, swimming in the lake with his cousins. It’s one of his most favourite places in the world. His cousin bought the property and is keeping it going for everyone to use. An amazing gift. As you can imagine, sharing those memories with our children is one of B’s greatest joys. So, that’s where we started Canada Day Weekend, and the Buttons went hard!





Canada Day

We spent the rest of Canada Day weekend with B’s sister and her family in our hometown, Ottawa. The Buttons adore their cousins so they had the most fun ever. We took a very frenzied/sweltering trip to The Museum of Science and Technology. Now, I’m not going to lie to you, it was free for Canada Day and therefore PACKED. Wall to wall with people and hot hot hot inside. We cut that trip pretty short. B and I hadn’t seen it since the remodeling and what we saw looked really good. There’s this little room called the Crazy Kitchen that was the joy of every child’s field trip when we were growing up and they kept it. Like, they cut the whole thing out and transplanted it into the new building. O loved it and I was happy to experience it with him. We’ll definitely be going back on a regular day.

We also went to this really cute Splash Pad that was practically an oasis in the ridiculous heatwave.



The Beach

We returned from our trip “home” with a a couple days to spare before B had to go back to work and took full advantage by hitting up the North Beach Provincial Park. If you know anything about Canada, it’s that we have gorgeous parks full of lakes, beaches, trails, and nature. It was the perfect ending to a perfect (minus the sickening amount of bug bites we got at the cottage) staycation.




We’ve also been exploring different play parks (a post for another day) and just plain getting outside when we can. I hope you’re all enjoying the warmer weather so far. Try to remember when it’s +40° , it was -40° only a few short month ago!

Don’t forget your hat!