Let me start by saying thank you. some of you have been following me from the start and you’ve probably noticed many changes to the blog over the years. I appreciate you sticking with me. Your support means everything! Some of you are new and I am so grateful that you gave me a chance. So appreciated!

Today I’m announcing a new facet to BeadsBobbles&Buttons. I’ve joined some affiliate programs that I’m looking forward to incorporating into my blog and social media moving forward. This is new and exciting and I don’t know what I’m doing so please, bear with me. I’m learning as I go here and I’m doing my absolute best.

If you know me, I’ve probably already suggested to you as a Canadian online retailer before. I’ve been shopping through them for YEARS and I adore them. Not only am I truly excited about this opportunity, but it’s important to me that any company I partner with is one that I actually use. I’m not interested in bullshitting any of you. You mean too much to me for that. I’ve always been honest with you here and I’ll continue to be just that. Thankfully, is a company I use and trust, and I’m so excited to share them with you as a Ambassador!

Another thing y’all definitely know about me is that I care about ingredients, even in my beauty products. I’m not slathering myself or my precious babies in garbage and you shouldn’t either. You’re skin is your largest organ. You know dumping trash INTO your body is bad, but do you realize how bad rubbing it onto your outsides is? Exactly! That’s why I’m always on the look out for Canadian companies that aren’t afraid to put our health first. On one of my many searches, I came across (and fell in love with) Pure Anada and after a couple years of using their products I’ve joined their Purology program. I was going to share my favourites things from them anyway so It’s awesome to be able to feel like part of the team!

*UPDATE: YOU GUYS!!!! I’m super excited to add Indigo Books & Music to my affiliates list! If you know me at all, you know I’m about that books on books life, and that Indigo is one of my favourite places to be. Don’t even ask B how much he loves going in there with me….he loathes LOVES it because I’m very quick and organized and I never “take forever”!!! I suppose this means i have to stop referring to them as Chapters now?

Save on Music, Books and DVDs at

Keep your eye out for future posts highlighting these great Canadian companies, and cool products I bought (probably for the kids), and even a few unboxing videos that E is really stoked about!

I’m so excited to start this new part of my blog and I hope you’ll all continue to follow me on this bonkers journey (and please excuse the learning curve)!



*There’s a tab in the header just for the links so they’ll always be easy to find. Just click on the banners and you’ll be directed to a new tab (under my affiliate account) to start shopping!

*affiliate links included in this post….I mean….OBVI!