Summer 2019 Wrap-Up

We’re days away from September. SEPTEMBER! How did we even get here? This Summer was a whirlwind. Some parts seemed to drag on forever but overall it went super quick. This Summer was also A LOT, so I’m actually pretty stoked to get back into our school year schedule. I may not get the “peace” of sending The Buttons off to school and out of my hair, but I do appreciate some of the calm the cool weather and structure of our schedule brings. I always feel my most creative in the Autumn, so it will be nice for all of us to focus in a bit.

This post isn’t about September though (that will come), it’s about wrapping up the Summer. And what a Summer we have had! We cottaged, we swam, we road-tripped, we explored, and we moved to A WHOLE DIFFERENT PROVINCE!

Before I share some of my favourite Summer 2019 photos, I want to say Thanks to all of our family and friends that made our send-off awesome! Y’all went out of your way to meet up with us and share in our adventures and we are so appreciative. Thank you so much! (and the most special shout-out to my sister-in-law, Angie, who just poured so much love into The Buttons before we left. I can’t thank you enough!)

So without further ado…. Summer 2019!






I hope that you all had the most amazing Summer, or at the very least got in a few lazy Summer days to unwind! It’s been a blast over here!

I try to enjoy each season as they unfold but a cool breeze touched my nose this morning… September’s around the corner and come Monday I’ll transform into a pumpkin!