Back To Liiiife….


(I took MANY photos. It did not go well….lolz)

Back-to-school is upon us and we’re easing back in. The great thing about homeschool is that you don’t have to go all in right away. You can take your time and adjust to your new Autumn schedule in your own time. I know my kids well, and I know that E would excel either way. She’s a jump right in sort of person and since we’re at home she can go faster if it suits her. O needs the slow ease in. He’s a slow burn kind of dude. He needs his schedule to change a little more gradually. G is more of sparkler. Fast burn, quick breakdown. She wouldn’t have a problem AT school. She’d kill it actually, but, she’d breakdown as soon as she got home. I promise you she’d be that kid. First of all she’s borderline surly when she’s tired. Secondly, she has that late December birthday, so she’s starting Grade One as a 5 year old right now. I would have red-shirted her if they went to public school. (I watched my younger brother crash and burn in SK because he started JK when he wasn’t ready. I’m sure loads of kids are “fine”, but not having to worry about it is just one of the many reasons I love homeschooling) Thirdly, she needs 1-20000 snacks a day or she’ll murder someone! Y’all, this kid can eat. She’s the TINIEST one…. G’s metabolism is crazy efficient and she’s very physical. Earlier I watched her cross the living room and it was wild. Dance moves/parkour/the worm/run and slide on her blanky combo wild! Intense! SO yeah, she benefits from not only a slower start to the year, but the ability to access snacks and take dance breaks periodically.


(Bookworms & New Books are a Back To School tradition!)

Our first day back was perfectly chill. We did hair in the morning (new dye/haircuts), went over our new schedule, got new books, attempted some first day photos, and read a tone. Mostly the goal was to stay on a loose schedule, and stay off screens during the day. We just needed to shake off the lesser fair attitude we had during the last weeks of Summer.


(Our first read aloud book of the year is Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt)

Today was wasted running errands that I had no interest in but had to be done. I’ll get into Newfoundlands homeschool “rules” in another post. I’ll just tell you that they are all up in my business compared to Ontario, and I’m mostly already over it. *hard eyeroll Whatever!


(Decorating our dining room table because that’s where they do their sit-down work)

Tomorrow we have a calmer day. Review and exploring some new apps and activities I got them. Friday we have a park date with another homeschooling family! Saturday morning is Library day because we like to do that with B.  Overall it’s shaping up to be a good first week!


(O got the newest Dog Man #7: For Whom The Ball Rolls by Dav Pilkey and read the ENTIRE thing in one go! In his bed… ‘Cause homeschool!)

Have your littles started back up yet? How are they adjusting to their new schedules? Is there anything you’ve changed this year to enrich or relax your kids daily activities? Let me know!




(And last but not least, Baby J got a big boy haircut and ‘m straight up crying y’all!)

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