Well.ca Ambassador

When O was tiny I started researching cloth diapers but I didn’t start using them until E was born. The thought of two babies going through disposables at the same time was daunting. All of that waste. All of the money! I had my usual stipulations when I start a search. Can I find a Canadian company, using good materials? Can I order it from a Canadian company? What’s the shipping price situation? (Y’all know I don’t want to pay for shipping!) After an exhaustive search I hit the jackpot…

Back then they were only a couple years in. A small online retailer out of Guelph, Ontario. The first thing that really struck me was that their search option allowed me to filter just Canadian companies! I don’t think I’d ever seen that before. It showed me that online retailer or not, shopping “locally” meant something to them and that means something to me. They also had a filter option for Green & Natural and y’all know that’s my jam! They had quick delivery, free shipping over $25 (it’s now $35 for most provinces $100 for more remote areas), and when my first delivery of cloth diapers arrived, there was a handwritten thank you on the shipping slip. They still do that 9 years later, and I still love it!

I’ve been ordering from Well.ca ever since. Through the baby years, toddler years, big kid years. Through pregnancies, postpartum, breastfeeding, supplementing, and just plain Mommin’! For all kinds of things not parenting related too, like birthday gifts, toiletries, office supplies, and home decor. They’ve got A LOT of great selection!

Back then I didn’t know one day we’d move to smaller towns. B wasn’t in the Canadian Air Force then. We didn’t know what life would bring. Our first base was tiny. We didn’t have a car. The kinds of local shops that would sell green, natural, Canadian, type goods weren’t around. Having Well.ca to order from was (and still is, at our new posting!) a big deal. They allowed me to continue shopping for the quality goods that I needed and to continue discovering local companies.

I was a lot a little nervous to sign up for the Ambassador program. I would have been really bummed if they turned me down. So I’m super excited to have been accepted as a Well.ca Ambassador, and I’m looking forward to sharing my best finds with all of you and I hope they can keep you stocked as well as they have me, these past 9 years!



       O & E in the cloth diapers from my first ever Well.ca order, 8 years ago!


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